2020 Christmas Tree Recycling

Thank you for your interest in our tree recycling program. Due to COVID-19 concerns and social distancing requirements, we will not be offering our Christmas Tree Recycling program this year. We cannot risk the health of any of our scouts by having them ride in mixed groups together all day. We cannot safely transport the scouts using proper social distancing guidelines without a large increase in the number of vehicles involved. This would cause traffic through your neighborhood and more air pollution, so we have decided to cancel this event. We appreciate your understanding.

Christmas Tree pickup is a favorite activity among our scout troops. We look forward to serving you again next year. In the meantime, ACI of San Ramon will collect trees curbside on your regular collection day during the second week in January. For more information, go to https://www.sanramonrecycles.com/holiday/

If you would still like to make your annual $10 donation to the Boy Scouts, please feel free to send your contribution to the following address. Please make checks payable to “BSA” or “Boy Scouts of America”. Thank you in advance for your support.
Boy Scout Troop 834
60 Ayamonte Ct.
San Ramon, CA 94583

Happy Holidays! We look forward to seeing you next year!